Recreational Vehicles and Park Model RVs intended for the Canadian market are designed and built to comply with CSA Z240 RV Series “Recreational Vehicles” or NFPA 1192 for Recreational Vehicles and CSA Z241 Series “Park Model Trailers” respectively.

These standards are recognized by the gas and electrical regulators in each of the Provinces and Territories of Canada and the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) Manufacturer members pledge in writing to build recreational vehicles that conform to these CRVA adopted standards.

Certification of RVs to CSA Z240 RV Series and Z241 can only be made by accredited certified agencies as the requirements deal with technical issues and the quality system of the manufacturer. As part of on-going compliance, these agencies independently audit each manufacturer to examine RVs at the various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure on-going compliance with original certification designs, specifications and approved components.

To ensure the utmost consumer safety and compliance of Canadian Laws, we strongly advise consumers to look for the proper certification labels visible on your RV before purchasing your new Recreational Vehicle.

We want to provide consumers notice that CRVA Members “only” produce Recreational Vehicles described as follows- Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Tent Campers, Hybrids, Tow Haulers, Truck Campers, Park Trailers and Park Model Trailers.

CRVA members “do not” manufacturer, produce or distribute any unit described as a “Tiny Home”, a “Tiny House”, a “Tiny Park Model” or a “Tiny RV” and therefore we cannot provide any assurances or comments on their manufacturing process, components or consumer safety.